Super Human

The 2022 Silverstone Grand Prix is celebrated by our NFT collaboration with British digital artist, MBSJQ.
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The Super Human Auction

These three exclusive NFTs are closely inspired by the passion and positive outlook of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1TM team. Each one is bundled with a real-life item, and are all available for auction via the FTX platform.
The auctions for Home Coming and Evolution close at 6pm BST on Tuesday 12th July. The auction for Mothership closes the following day, Wednesday 13th July at 6pm BST.
The team’s proceeds from the auction will be split between Ignite (a joint charitable initiative from Mercedes-AMG Petronas and Mission44) and Sir Frank William’s Foundation, which supports the Spinal Injuries Association.
Sold on for 10ETH ($11,133.20*)


In the mysterious surroundings of Brackley, the home of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1TM team, we see a young figure, a positive energy, a person with true passion. We see the Super Human that is, George Russell.
In this futuristic setting, Astro is appreciating, respecting and connecting with a true piece of art, The Mothership.
Here lies Evolution... where good things take time. When you have a consistent, inspiring and passionate racing driver within your team, the future is something to be excited for.
This NFT is bundled with a George Russell Silverstone-worn helmet, as designed by MBSJQ.
Evolution is a celebration of all things inspirational.
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Sold on for 20ETH ($21,035.00*)

Home Coming

The legend, the hero, the Super Human - Lewis Hamilton. We celebrate the 7 times world champion with his famous action; jumping from the Mothership after yet another victory.
This piece was created to capture the excitement, the memories and the joy we all share with Lewis’ amazing career & relationship with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1TM.
The scene is set and inspired by the home of the team in Brackley, showing Astro jumping out of the car after an incredible drive. It captures the positive vibe, the free-flowing energy and the creativity of the team.
The NFT is bundled with a physical, 1:8 scale model of Lewis's Mercedes-AMG F1 E Performance Formula 1TM car, with the same MBSJQ Super Human livery that will run at Silverstone.
Home Coming is a celebration of all things British.
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Sold on for 5ETH ($5,566.60*)


Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1TM, the true meaning behind teamwork, vision & passion. A team built on positivity, a team built on success. The Mothership is the hub of the team, a place where the drivers become one. A place where they work together to achieve the same goal; success.
Mothership is bundled with a 1:8 scale model of the Mercedes-AMG F1 E Performance Formula 1TM car, with the same livery as the car that features in the Mothership NFT artwork.
Mothership is a celebration of all things Super Human.
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